Rules and Regulations

Lakes at Kent Community Organization Rules and Regulations

1. The lakes, ponds and lake banks may be used only in such a manner as not to disturb nearby residents. Picnicking, food preparation, consumption of alcoholic beverages, use of illegal drugs and loud noise (including fireworks) shall not be permitted at anytime. The public (other than guests) shall not be permitted in the area except in the company of an owner or occupant of a unit.

2. No parking shall be permitted at anytime on the streets, except in the event of an emergency or unless approval is granted from the City of Kent – for such events as asphalt maintenance.

3. Swimming shall not be permitted in the lakes and ponds. Non-motorized watercrafts are permitted as long as reasonable caution is exercised in their operation. Approved safety equipment, such as life vests or jackets, are required by all occupants of the watercraft.

4. Throwing ANYTHING into the lakes and ponds is prohibited. In accordance with state law, RCW 7.80.120, littering is a misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor depending on the amount of litter. The fine is $100 per day that the violation exists.

5. The feeding of water fowl is prohibited.

6. Fishing is not allowed in any of the lakes or ponds.

7. Each community is responsible for trimming the trees/shrubs overhanging the sidewalks and bike lanes along Lakeside. Trees are to be trimmed to a minimum height of 8’ above the sidewalk/bike lanes. Street signs must be visible.

8. All dog owners must keep their pets on leashes at all times and pick up after their pet.

Violation of the Lakes at Kent Community Organization Rules and Regulations will result in fines being levied against the Association/Apartment where the resident or homeowner resides. Residents and homeowners are responsible for the actions of their guests.

The first violation will result in a warning notice to the Association/Apartment.
The second violation shall result in fines.
The fine schedule is on an escalating scale as follows:

  • First offense – $25.00
  • Second offense – $50.00
  • Third and subsequent offense – $100.00.