Lakes Tree Maintenance

In 2020, The Lakes at Kent Community Association approved a program to provide care and maintenance for the trees which are located in the common-use area of The Lakes and are the responsibility of the Association. A number of aging trees were in a state of decline, with no possible options for recovery.

The Lakes Association Board requested proposals from certified arborists of three companies. Each tree on the property was identified, mapped, and evaluated for condition and compliance for safety guidelines. (Declining health, weak limbs, disease, clearance for walkways, traffic, street signs and lighting, risk of roots damaging the walkways, curbs, roads, or irrigation systems.)

The Lakes Board selected Davey Tree to be the vendor. The Arborist provided a detailed work scope, with identification of each tree belonging to The Lakes Association, with a recommendation for the appropriate action. The cost of the proposal from Davey Tree was significantly below the amount $25K, approved in the 2020 Budget, for the project. The recommendations included tree removals, stump grinding, tree pruning, and deep-root fertilization for stressed trees which require revitalization.

In 2021, the next steps will be to develop a long-term plan for tree care, maintenance, and landscape refurbishment. Patty McConnehey is heading the Landscape Committee. She will lead the effort to prioritize projects and establish standards which will ensure appropriate selection of trees, shrubs, and plants to provide a uniform, aesthetically pleasing appearance and add value to the property. Criteria for choosing the trees and plants will include considerations for location, soil, climate, maintenance needs, and long-term value added to the landscape.