The Lakes at Kent

City Streets include Lakeside Blvd E & West, 53rd Pl S & S 236th St
Bay View HOA
(178 Units)
59th Ct S; 60th Ct S; 60th Pl S; 61st Pl S; 62nd Ave S; 62nd Pl S; 63rd Pl S; S 232nd Ct; S 232nd St & S 233rd St
Bridgewater I HOA
(31 Units)
S 238th Ct.
Bridgewater II HOA
(27 Units)
58th Ct S
Bridgewater III HOA
(32 Units)
57th Ct S
Bridgewater IV HOA
(26 Units)
56th Ct S
Cypress Cove HOA
(82 Units)
50th Ave S; 50th Pl S; 51st Ave S; 52nd Ave S; 52nd Pl S; 53rd Ave S;53rd Pl S; 54th Ave S & S 232nd St
Dockside Apartments
(344 Units)
61st Ave S; 62nd Ave S; 63rd Ave S; S 233rd Pl S; 237th St & S 238th St
Harbor Reach HOA
(120 Units)
59th Pl S; S 234th Pl, : S234th St.
Island Park Apartments
(253 Units)
58th Ave S; 60th Ave S & S 235th St
Lakeside at Cypress Cove HOA
(42 Units)
56th Ave S.; 56th Pl S.; 57th Ave S; S 233rd St & S 234th St.
Marina Pointe HOA
(150 Units)
51st Ave S; 52nd Pl S; 53rd Ave S; S 233rd Pl; S 234th Pl & S 234th St
Promenade at the Lakes HOA
(70 Units)
54th Ave. S.; 55th Ave. S.; S 233rd St. & S 234th St.
Promenade North HOA
(48 Units)
56th Ave. S.; 57th Ave. S.; S 231st Pl. S. & S 232nd St.
Regatta at the Lakes HOA
(66 Units)
56th Pl S & S 237th Pl
River Place HOA
(59 Units)
51st Ave. S; 51st Ct S; 51st Pl S & S 237th Pl
Spinnaker Pointe HOA
(83 Units)
54th Pl S; 55th Pl S; 56th Pl S; S 236th Pl. & S 237th St.
West Bay HOA
(150 Units)
54th Ave. S; 55th Ave. S; S 234th Pl; S 235th St & S 236th St
Winward Cove HOA
(126 Units)
58th Ave S.; 59th Pl S.; S 231st Pl & S 232nd Pl
Waters Edge Apartments
(304 Units)
S 239th St & S 288th Pl