2021 Landscape Renewal Project

The Lakes Association Board of Directors is embarking on a renewal and rejuvenation of the Lakes Community common areas. That basically includes the medians, the entrance areas and “some” of the trees along Lakeside East and West Boulevard.

We have contracted with Landscapes by Pompeo, Inc. a local company in Normandy Park, with excellent recommendations and good reviews. They have already done work at Bridgewater 1. If you haven’t seen it, take walk or drive by and have a look, it’s beautiful.

We decided to begin on the South side from the 240th St. entrance. The original initial phase was to consist of removing trees and shrubs from Top Lake area (the main entrance lake with the fountain): the entrance median, the median just over the bridge on Lakeside East (just down from Waters Edge). Because we were able to take advantage of Sky High Tree Removal’s day rate, we were able to include removal of the four remaining trees in the Pump House median on Lakeside West between Bridgewater IV and the Pump House. These trees were beginning to cause damage to the pipes/irrigation system.

Nothing but the larger tree removal has happened yet, that’s why you haven’t seen much going on. Due to Covid everything is backed up and taking longer, but we are in the queue!

In this phase Dogwoods will replace the trees, adding colorful springtime blossoms, nice summer and fall foliage. Pompeo is picking out and ordering the plants with the Landscaping Committee’s approval. When they have them and we have our slot on their schedule, things will begin. Once Top Lake and the first two medians are done, we’ll continue with the third median and move on from there.